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Sacral Chakra Crystals & 8 Stones to Help your Sacral Chakra


  • What is the Sacral Chakra?
  • Orange Chakra Meaning
  • Where is Sacral Chakra located?
  • Swadhisthana Chakra Meaning
  • Benefits of the Sacral Chakra 
  • What happens if the Sacral Chakra is overactive?
  • How can you Spot a Blocked or Closed Sacral Chakra?
  • Do you need help balancing your Sacral Chakra?
  • Ways to Heal and Restore Balance in the Sacral Chakra 
  • Healing Crystals and Stones for Sacral Chakra
  • Ways to use Sacral Chakra Stones Crystals
  • How to Heal Sacral Chakra
  • Unblocking Sacral Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra Reiki Healing – How to heal your Sacral Chakra?
  • Sacral Chakra and Fertility 
  • Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra
  • Red Aventurine Sacral Chakra
  • FAQ’s

If you have heard people say that all the secrets to immense ingenuity, innovation, passion, and physicality are only within you, this is nothing but the truth. The sacral chakra is thought to be the powerhouse energy chakra for all the attractive characteristics of sensuality, creativity, and sexuality. Let us explain further.

The chakras are energy hubs spread all over the body to the uninitiated. The seven major chakras are along the spine. These energy points are connected to distinct emotional and physical purposes in the human body. The sacral chakra occupies the second place among the seven chakras. One of its famous monikers is "sex chakra". The sacral chakra is also known by a Sanskrit name, ‘Svadhisthana’ to suggest the location where the being is established. The symbol of sacral chakra is moon crescent, which also correlates to the connection between the moon and tides.

The sacral chakra is represented as a lotus flower with six petals. The sacral chakra color is orange, and the element is water. This chakra is an epitome of power, fertility, and fidelity believed to have a mythological connection to the Hindu Goddess, Parvati. This Goddess is thought to be ruling this chakra.

Some of the influences of the sacral chakra are as follows:

  • Boost to creativity
  • Fillip to sexual intimacy
  • Improves intuitive powers

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is located at the perineum below the navel. This chakra is thought to associate with the kidneys and sex organs.

In a nutshell, the sacral chakra is:

  • Second among the seven chakras
  • Located in the region below the navel
  • Connected to the element water
  • The color of sacral chakra is orange
  • Deeply associated with ingenuity, innovativeness, sexuality, passion, and intimacy.

To know the sacral chakra in its absolute form, we first need to understand the orange chakra meaning. What element is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra symbol consists of a circle that signifies the element of water. The circle has six petals and a silver-colored crescent moon. The moon crescent symbolises the energy connection between water and the moon. Orange is the sacral chakra color. This explains the orange sacral chakra meaning.

Orange Chakra Meaning

The color connected to the sacral chakra is orange. This is deeply connected to profound emotions, sexuality, and creativity. The orange chakra, meaning or second chakra meaning is significantly linked to energy flow. This is extremely important because it is also related to water. The orange chakra meaning is connected to our deepest needs, which influences our compassion for others, joy, and desires. 

Have you got the orange sacral chakra meaning now?

Where is Sacral Chakra located?

Sacral chakra is one of the seven centers of energy in the body. The sacral chakra is present about two inches beneath the belly button. This is the location sacral chakra. It is in charge of your ability to express emotional control, thinking patterns, kindness, compassion, and sexuality. Do you know the color of the sacral chakra? 

Swadhisthana Chakra Meaning

The Swadishthana, the second chakra or the sacral chakra, is a lower chakra category. It is present below the belly button. You can experience it in the back just below the lumbar spine. That is why it is also referred as lower back chakra. Let us understand the second chakra meaning or sacral chakra meaning.

Orange is used as the sacral chakra color and sizzles with energy. The sacral chakra is akin to fire with a burning desire and capricious mood. It is deeply connected to the water element. The sacral chakra conveniently taps the cooling characteristics of water to help us rise from stagnant situations and embrace exciting solutions. This is the best sacral chakra meaning.

Benefits of the Sacral Chakra 

What does sacral chakra mean, and what are its benefits? Some traditions have connected the sacral chakra to happiness, sexuality, creativity, and sensual pleasure. These characteristics also best express the sacral chakra meaning. The benefic influence of the sacral chakra is:

  • Spontaneous expression of creativity
  • Pleasure giving and receiving
  • Physical intimacy and sensuality
  • Positive emotions

The above points also answer the question, “What does sacral chakra do?” Typically, if the energy flow in the sacral chakra is hindered, the outcome may portray sure signs and signals such as:

  • Hurtful feelings and emotions
  • Harboring secrets
  • Constant concern about others' opinion, tendency to make mistakes and get into trouble
  • Uptight with sexual intimacy and inability to get emotionally close 

What happens if the Sacral Chakra is overactive?

If the sacral chakra is overactive, such people are on an emotional rollercoaster ride. They may display extreme lows or highs and emotions like a tempest running out of control.

Signs of an abnormally active sacral chakra:

  • Overwhelmed by one’s own emotions 
  • Yo-yoing of emotions
  • Choosing many tactics to avoid challenges in life and portraying an inability to cope
  • Display of abnormal affection bordering on possessiveness, with no reciprocity
  • Showing unsuitable demonstrations of sexuality
  • Indifference or apathy towards others
  • Manipulating behaviors
  • Hysterical or emotional outbursts

How can you Spot a Blocked or Closed Sacral Chakra?

It is essential to carefully observe the actions and energies of people to infer if the sacral chakra is closed. A blocked sacral chakra results in still energies. This means the sacral chakra's boundless gifts become difficult to access.

A blocked sacral chakra can manifest with the following indications:

  • Lack of interest in physical intimacy
  • Absence of close and warm family relationships, a sense of being disengaged
  • Seclusion
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Inert
  • Lack of enthusiasm and creative interest

Do you need help balancing your Sacral Chakra?

These few questions may decide if you need intervention for healing the seat of your creativity and sexual energy. Do you need to open the sacral chakra? Is sacral chakra clearing for you?

  • Are you energetic?
  • Do you love what you do?
  • Are you childlike and playful?
  • Do co-dependent relationships appeal to you more?
  • Do you respect and maintain boundaries in relationships?
  • Are you joyous?
  • Is your relationship with intimacy and pleasure a normal one?
  • Do you spend your time and energy in doing things you are passionate about?
  • Do you experience fatigue and inertia?

If you have problems with intimacy, experience blocks in the chakras, and have lost your childlike enthusiasm, it is time to initiate the healing process for the sacral chakra. If your job feels like a huge ordeal, it is time to introspect.

Ways to Heal and Restore Balance in the Sacral Chakra

A blocked sacral chakra can adversely impact our body's physical and emotional functioning. How to clear a blocked sacral chakra?

A combination of the following methods or techniques works well to set right the delicate balance in the sacral chakra.

  • Use of healing sacral chakra crystals and stones
  • Meditation with crystals and stones focussing on the water element
  • Yoga
  • Positive affirmations using healing crystals and stones

Yoga is a time-tested practice to reinstate the connection with the chakras. This primarily occurs when there is alignment between the mind, breath, and body. We train ourselves to control the flow of energies through the chakras through this practice.

You can practice the following yoga poses to help the sacral chakra :

  • Garland Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • Bound Angle Pose

Read on to learn about the best stones for the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Healing

If we take life lightly and are driven by creative passion, this can be attributed to a well-balanced sacral chakra. In the pit of the stomach, this chakra, below the navel, is our central force. This region is instrumental in keeping the Svadhisthana or sacral chakra clear, welcoming energy flow from the root chakra to the crown.

However, in life's journey, we face many ordeals and challenges. The sacral chakra, as you know, is the seat of creative energy, desires, fantasies, and sexual energy. If the energy flow is not smooth in the second chakra, we may feel inert, experience low libido and experience a dip in our happiness. We may suffer some form of stagnation that may lead to a vicious cycle of problems.

While meditation, exercises, and self-reflection may offer relief, employing the healing vibrations from sacral chakra stones to bring order to the orange chakra is highly recommended by energy healers.

With our expertise in this realm of healing crystals, we know which of the sacral crystals work the best. The healing energies from the gemstones penetrate, cleanse our auric field and strengthen the sacral chakra. Tap into the best sacral healing stones for remedy.

Healing Crystals and Stones for Sacral Chakra 

Nature always comes to the rescue to heal and uplift us from chakra imbalances and blocks. Let us look at the sacral chakra stones and crystals that can assist in the healing process. The list below is some of the best stones for the sacral chakra.

Second chakra Healing - Crystals associated with Sacral Chakra

Healing crystals and stones have always been looked upon to alter blockages in our energy system. The crystals that are shining bright for the sacral chakra are abundant with deep healing vibrations, emotionally nourishing vibes, and harmonious energies that can infuse confidence and creativity. Orange healing stones or orange chakra stones carry all the properties and positive vibrations to restore the balance in the second chakra. The sacral chakra needs to blossom and send out all its positive traits, so the sacral chakra crystals we will be talking about will do everything to iron out all the impediments in the energy storehouse.

Amethyst for Sacral Chakra

Is superbly famous for its healing energies for the crown chakra. But this beautiful stone’s benefits seem endless for the orange chakra too. This healing crystal is a force to reckon with to eliminate the negative energy. This gem can make all the difference to instill courage in the weak-hearted. A wave of calm and soothing powers can alleviate all that anxiety for the panic-stricken and anxious. You may find yourself pouring out of a creative cup, something you didn't experience before. The stones clear all the impediments in the sacral chakra and help you get the best out of all the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to take the right decisions.

Citrine for Sacral Chakra

This bright gold crystal can lead you on the path of overflowing optimism and self-expression. This gemstone has an interesting nickname, ‘Merchant’s stone. This implies that all merchants will do good to keep this healing crystal for the sacral chakra, as it also attracts prosperity and abundance. Even though your experiences may appear gloomy and discouraging, the healing energy elevates the vibrations and clears the blockages in the sacral chakra. The gemstone increases your resolve to chase your goals and ambition. Further, it helps you in the spiritual path, keeps you grounded, and creates a conducive energy environment in the chakra to receive blessings from the universe.  

Snowflake Obsidian for Sacral Chakra

This stone is an excellent resolver and is one of the most reliable grounding crystals. It keeps the beneficiary stable and sorted and offers a spiritual experience. This gem is famous as it brings emotions to the fore. The healers believe that this is precisely what will help us understand our thoughts.

If you are in a mess, this gemstone brings order. It eliminates the hurt and wounds and sets right the thought patterns that did not serve you any good.

Due to these positive influences, the sacral chakra can be healed of the negative and destroying thoughts that become impediments to the energy flow. This silica-rich stone is good for helping in healing the sacral chakra.

Orange Calcite for Sacral Chakra

Orange calcite chakra is a bright orange stone and a nourisher for the whole body. This stone is capable of creating a solid connection with the sacral chakra. This gemstone is nicknamed a 'stone of creativity. Therefore, this shining bright crystal, orange calcite chakra, makes for a splendid talisman for those that find their creativity inert. Meditating with this crystal, wearing them as jewelry, and placing them in your home or workplace can drive out anything pulling you down. Using this stone can take you out of the emotional low and restore your enthusiasm so that you start living life creatively.

Carnelian for Sacral Chakra

The crystal stands for a free spirit, which shines through creatively and spiritedly. This orange gemstone or carnelian sacral chakra is a powerhouse that envelops you with its warmth and energy. This stone is thought to be connected to the Goddess Isis mythologically and is associated with fertility. The gemstone can alter your libido and inspire sexual intimacy. All the same, it can encourage the flow of creative juices and rejuvenate your life. Try this sacral chakra gemstone to rev up your confidence and creativity. This stone of motivation can be worn as a bracelet or pendant to keep it close to your body. It can also be placed in the work area or bedroom to allow its healing energies to correct the imbalances.

Tiger eye for Sacral Chakra

This eye-catching black stone is a hub of pulsating energy. Your mind feels calm, peaceful, and sorted in its influence. The energy blocks in the sacral chakra, which may have created considerable barriers in your relationships, will clear out. This stone is best to help you deal with change, action, and creativity. It will constantly bolster your spirit and give you the power to deal with anything that life throws at you. It provides the wherewithal to dispel your darkest fears and keeps your mood in check. It is like the big fearless cat that's ever alert to watch your chakra energies.

Amber for Sacral Chakra

This nature’s magic exudes the sunny glow so that the earth's positive energies directly reach the sacral or second chakra. This orange and brown combination stone is famous as a pain reliever. The specialty of this stone is it takes the best from the Sun and Earth and keeps it tightly stored. Therefore, this stone is a brilliant amulet for the sacral chakra. This positive crystal helps eliminate blocks in the chakra, enables optimism, and spurs natural freedom. This stone heightens intuition and helps us align ourselves with our core. 

Sunstone for Sacral Chakra

Warm energy and engagement come from this enduring stone that can offer an uplifting experience for the sacral chakra. Sunstone comes in vibrant shades of yellow, red, green, and blue. Those going through low self-esteem, and abysmal confidence in their abilities, use this stone to channel their path providentially. In the realm of leadership, this stone ranks number one. Keeping this gemstone close eggs you on with a never say die spirit for those who need to lead at their workplace. The stone infuses you with positive energy and enthusiasm, encourages intention, and keeps you light at heart. All your impediments in the sacral chakra will see a resolution, and you will be back to living life in all its flavors.

Moonstone for Sacral Chakra

This stone is high on feminine energy and radiates warmth and love. They say this gem's magic should not be misjudged. The crystal works very well for those with new beginnings and the necessity to adapt to changes. This healing crystal is a dynamic enabler for the sacral chakra. It instills emotional balance. This stone has a powerful connection with the moonlight. Those who experience fertility issues and other menstrual issues must use this healing crystal. This stone is excellent for elevating feelings of self-worth.

Aragonite for Sacral Chakra

In the area of grounding crystals for the sacral chakra, this group of crystals offers a lot of riches by way of elevating experiences. This stone is excellent in ensuring emotional stability and encourages taking care of self. If you are in the thick of creative projects and need the extra energy to push you forward, you can count upon this gemstone to clear the path for incredible innovation and sparks of genius.

If you find yourself zealous, and moving on with complete focus, count the vibrations from this gem as behind all the positive energy. Use this gemstone consistently in your workspace or at home, or keep it close to release all the emotional baggage and anger to make you more positive.

Goldstone for Sacral Chakra

Your goal and dreams start working out when you connect to the sacral chakra in full force. This artificially-made crystal can aid in helping us carve our path. Since it is endowed with the robust characteristics of copper and glass, it fires up ambition, and you may reach for the skies. It is also known to heal and calm the mind due to its soothing energy waves. This unique grounding stone can ensure you reach out to achieve your best and live life to the fullest, with the sacral chakra working at its best.

Red Aventurine for Sacral Chakra

Red Aventurine brings about balance to both female and male energies. These crystals attract abundance and prosperity in the lives of those who wear them or keep them close. This is a stone for the sacral chakra and helps relieve energy blocks in this area. This stone which is powerful with both fire and Earth energy can attract vitality, desire, safety, protection and money. Wear this gemstone as jewellery such as pendants, necklace or bracelet to heal your sacral chakra and attract abundance.

This is the sacral chakra stones list. These are the crystals good for the sacral chakra.

Ways to use Sacral Chakra Stones Crystals

You know the best healing stones for the sacral chakra from the list we wrote. Keeping the sacral p. exus chakra stones close to the skin is an excellent way to attract all the healing into the body. This maintains the energy balance and keeps you stabilized.

Pieces of jewelry using the sacral chakra stones crystals is the best way to allow the healing powers to seep into the skin. An excellent way to ensure the energies instantly connect with the orange chakra is to place these healing crystals on the lower abdomen horizontally while meditating. This technique purposefully welcomes healing to take place in the chakra. If your reproductive organs are unhealthy, and you have issues with fertility, or with inflow of sexual energy, placing these healing stones on the reproductive organs can provide a remedy. 

If you experience blocks in your creativity, ensure to keep these healing stones underneath your pillow or at your bedside. This will keep your energy high and pave the way for many intimate experiences. For those who are deep into assignments that need a lot of innovation and creativity, the sacral chakra stones kept very close in this creative space enlighten the inner channels. You will no longer face any blockage or stagnation of any sort. 

These orange sacral chakra stones crystals have also proved their worth in alternative healing therapies such as Reiki and in crystal grids.  

Along with using sacral chakra stones crystals, you can also try the following methods to clear the blocks and heal the sacral chakra. 

  • Make sure to wear clothes in orange.
  • Consume ginger, carrots, and tangerines and make them a part of your diet 
  • You can also shower in water that has orange essential oils 
  • Drink water that is infused with slices of orange 
  • Include some form of exercises such as dance or a fitness activity regularly 
  • Exercises that can enhance your creativity, for example, writing, enrolling in art classes, or any creative pursuit, can be therapeutic

How to Heal Sacral Chakra

We have touched on what stones are best to heal the sacral chakra. Tap into the healing powers of healing crystals by keeping them close to the skin. Gemstone jewelry is one of the supreme techniques of inviting healing vibrations that bring stability.

  • Hold the sacral chakra healing stones in your palm and infuse them with positive affirmations. 
  • Place the healing crystal in the abdominal area where the sacral chakra is present. Meditate in this position. This is also a deliberate and planned technique to heal fertility issues and flow of sexual energy.
  • If you are caught up with a defining presentation for a promotion or raise, keep the sacral chakra stone in your workspace to enhance the creative juices. This will inspire you to put your best foot forward.

Unblocking Sacral Chakra

You can experience some sort of detachment if there are blocks in the energy flow of the sacral chakra. This may cause you to feel unhappy or incapable of finding joy in the company of people. There is some lack which we may not be able to place our hands-on. This can cause depression and anxiety.

Not surprisingly, the intimacy that spurs closeness in our marital relationships takes a back seat. This can trigger issues in marriages. We may either overindulge or show disinterest, which can cause depression. A blocked sacral chakra can be a drag force if you are amid a tight deadline in your assignments or projects. If our emotional balance is out of gear, it may retard our professional and personal progress. We may portray over-sensitivity or incapability to maintain healthy boundaries.

The symptoms are not just emotional or mental. You can also observe some physical symptoms such as problems with the kidney, pain in the lower back, gynecological issues, menstrual pain, extreme fatigue, and unhealthy joints. 

These signs are strongly indicative of a blockage in the sacral chakra. Let us look at second chakra healing methods.

To heal sacral chakra or unblock sacral chakra follows a step-by-step gradual method to revive this core of creativity. As discussed, using sacral chakra stones or orange chakra crystals as jewelry helps remove all the barriers to the energy flow. Meditating every day by keeping these crystals close can unblock the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Reiki Healing – How to heal your Sacral Chakra?

How to heal sacral chakra using Reiki? Reiki is a primeval, holistic, and powerful practice that can alleviate the symptoms of blocked chakras. Reiki is a Japanese method that targets the energy disharmony in the body.

Second chakra healing - a reiki master trainer adept at all three levels of this alternative healing therapy can direct Qi, or the life force energy, from his hands to the recipient. It is possible when they glide their hands over the recipient’s body. 

Reiki sacral chakra -the reiki master or practitioner can recognize the blocked spots. The master opens the blockages so that the life force energy can begin to flow through the recipient's body in a free manner.

Although the healing may not occur in one sitting, Reiki focuses on the seven chakras along the spine. This helps alleviate any pain in the body that is not due to injury. The Reiki practitioner can bring relief to pain in the hip, lower back, and pelvic issues resulting from blocks in the sacral chakra.

If the recipient has undergone any form of sexual abuse or a traumatic experience in intimate relationships, there can be an energy block in this chakra. The sacral chakra reiki healing practice can bring repressed emotions to the fore and help people heal entirely from trauma and psychological setbacks.

Sacral Chakra and Fertility – Orange Chakra

The second chakra, or the sacral chakra found in the lower abdomen of the human body, is deeply connected to the reproductive system. That is why it is also called the fertility chakra. Orange, which is the color of the sacral chakra, signifies our vitality and zest for life. This is the core of human creativity and innovation; from the sacral chakra, all great ideas are born. If we are enjoying our relationships, it is because of a healthy and balanced sacral chakra. We derive our sense of pleasure, joy, and intimacy from a healthy 2nd chakra.

The organs associated with the sacral chakra are the ovaries, testes, uterus, large intestine, and prostate. The sex glands, also called the gonads, are linked to the sacral chakra. 

Orange chakra is another name for the sacral chakra or the Svadishthana. This is another reason why all infertility programs or awareness campaigns use orange colour to attract attention. 

Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is also famously called the Manipura chakra in Sanskrit and resides in the stomach region. It also means "City of Jewels". This solar plexus chakra is the third chakra in the seven-chakra and is right after the sacral chakra. The other chakras that follow this line of chakra are heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. This is the complete chakra energy system of the human body.

If you have blocks in the solar plexus chakra, it can also impact some organs, much like a blocked sacral chakra. This may adversely affect physical health as well as mental health. 

Physical symptoms indicative of a blocked solar plexus chakra may manifest as disorders of the digestive system or issues with the gall bladder and pancreas. Excessive tiredness is another fallout of a problem with the energy of the solar plexus chakra.

Red Aventurine Sacral Chakra

Red and orange aventurine crystals used as jewelry in a bracelet, necklace, or pendant, can work wonders for the root and sacral chakra. Red aventurine pyramids and tumbled stones placed in essential areas in the house and office can cleanse the sacral chakra, eliminate blocks and restore creativity and imagination.

Healing Crystals - Red Aventurine Raw
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Enhance your Passion, Pleasure, Play, and Genius

If you want to revel in the pleasure of life and enjoy the play, the secret is to keep the sacral chakra or the Svadhisthana in top form. It is the road to laughter, caprices and inner joy. It is the core of our emotions and is a reservoir of warmth, intimacy, sexuality and passion. The sacral chakra is like the switch of sensual desire and sexual satisfaction. Our inner imagination and burning desires have their origin in this depth of the energies emanating from the second or orange chakra. Employ the sacral chakra gemstones as jewelry to keep them close to your skin and body. The tumbled variety of sacral chakra healing crystals is easy to carry, and keep them close wherever you are. In the bedroom or beneath your pillow, they work their magic to bring back all the fun and mirth in your life. Place them on your abdomen to remedy sexual problems or fertility issues. Like they say every problem has a solution. Why not seize the opportunity when the answer is as effective as using sacral chakra crystals to ensure unhindered energy flow?

Here is your chance to obliterate all that impedes your creativity and growth. Let the orange crystals in our store, available as jewelry and crystals of different shapes and sizes or as tumbled stones, empower your sacral chakra to restore balance and order in your life.

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