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Healing Crystals - White Selenite Pencil Wand Wholesale

    White Selenite Pencil Wand Wholesale Lot

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    Stone Name: White Selenite
    Origin: India
    Lot Size: 1 Kg | 5 Kg | 10 Kg | 25 Kg | 50 Kg

    White Selenite is a crystal that vibrates at a very fine vibration level,” says crystal healer Because of this high frequency, “it’s one of the most powerful crystals in the universe.”

    Jayne says that selenite carries an energy of peace and calm. This makes it an ideal crystal for any situation where peace needs to be restored.

    The final step is activating your selenite. Grace suggests the steps below:

    1. Hold your selenite in your hand, imagining a white light surrounding it.
    2. Inhale and exhale deeply.
    3. Repeat an affirmation out loud or in your head about what you want to manifest.
    4. Then use your selenite as desired.

    Possible affirmations include “I am connected” or “My energy is high vibration and moving freely,” adds Grace.

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