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We strive to provide our customer with an extraordinary service.



Dhruvcart.com is owned by Dhruv Cart Limited, which was registered in 2021 by its parent company Healing Crystals India, a company manufacturing crystals products since 1981. Dhruv cart limited is one of the fastest-growing leading B2B company supplying crystals, gemstone jewellery, natural rocks, polished stones, etc., for store owners, wholesale buyers, and online sellers in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia. We continue to grow our clientele and provide the best items to our consumers.

In 2021 Dhruv cart became an independent Limited company in the UK. The company’s manufacturing unit is based in India. It is the key factor for the authenticity of stones and crystals as sourcing all-natural stones and crystals can be done easily in India. The company has expanded from one location to over five of around 2,200 square meter workspace with 100+ highly talented craftsmen and women from its inception.

Dhruv cart prides itself on having a production capacity that exceeds 1 ton of crystals per day, providing the world with the finest quality of crystals guaranteed 100% ethically natural semi-precious stone.

We have a wide range of variety of Crystal Healing Products Like, Chakra Set, Reiki Set, Crystal Points, Chakra Healing Sets, Pyramids, Reiki Symbol Engraved Sets, Pendulums, Crystal Dowsers, Metal Pendulums, Crystal Bead Necklaces, Bracelets, Tumbled Stones, Trees, Spheres, Pencil Pendants, Crystal Massage Wands, Crystal Obelisks, Hearts, Pendants, Chakra Pendants, etc. are some of the amazing products that we offer. We have an endless list of products.

The option of ODM or OEM is available in our factory, due to which we can provide the flexibility to our customers to customize the designs they want. They can even personalize the product with their logo. Our advanced processing plants and skilled craftsmen can help you design almost anything you can imagine.

At Dhruv Cart, we ensure to keep the quality and the authenticity of a gemstone or crystal by handpicking them. We are committed to providing you with authentic products that lead in quality. We build long-term partnerships with our customers by being honest and straightforward in our dealings. The confidentiality of any information we have with our customers is of paramount importance to us.

DHRUV CART has devoted itself to be a benchmark of quality, dedication, passion, and eye for perfection to craft a unique path of mastery.

Work Culture at Dhruv Cart

We're continuously looking for innovative methods to make our processes and the value we deliver as a company. To assist us in this endeavor, we have defined our vision, mission, and value—our group management philosophy that all Dhruvcart employees follow.

Our Vision

We at Dhruvcart believe in a brighter future for all. That is why our mission is to bring people in contact with healing crystals and teach them how to use them and get wisdom from their energy.

Our Mission

To become the world's most desired crystals stone company by combining knowledge, service quality, and innovation to drive business and societal success.

Our Values

  • CONNECTED: We invest in research to get to the heart of our customer's problems. We work in an open and transparent manner.
  • COMMITTED: We are deeply invested in developing relationships, and everything we do is done with the long-term in mind. Our success is dependent on our passion for excellence. we pay attention to every detail.
  • CREATIVE: We're always looking for new methods to improve our processes. If we can figure out a better approach to work. We take action and disclose it ahead of time.
Our Strengths
Dedication to Quality

Providing quality is and will always be our utmost priority. We have a special team of people with vast experience and knowledge of gemstones and crystal testing. Each stone and crystal is handpicked by our team, which ensures that it will be worth your money!

Dedication to Service

Our merchandise is sold in gift and souvenir shops, new age shops, book stores, and related body, mind, and spirit shops. The orders can always be customized as per the requirements. Products such as crystals or gemstones are also sourced on your demand.

Dedication to Efficiency

At our company, we recognize that time is of importance when it comes to package delivery. As a result, our crew works relentlessly to ensure that your product arrives as quickly and efficiently as possible. when you choose our company, you're choosing a team that puts your needs first and always works with your best interest in mind.

What sets us apart

  • Being a manufacturer allows us to provide better pricing over competitors.
  • Our Six International Geographic locations warehousing deliver products within 3-4 days.
  • Our Worldwide presence in e-commerce marketplaces allows us easy, speedy & convenient deliveries to buyers.
  • Company presence in multiple countries like USA, UK & INDIA with localized billing.
  • Strong B2B and B2C presence.
  • Access to low-cost raw materials.
Our Order Processing Structure


Order Placement

When you place the order, we receive the order details that includes: Item, Shipping details, number of items, delivery address. After that we share these details with our warehouse.


Pick Inventory

This process includes collecting a specific quantity that the customer has ordered. -Piece picking, where each picker collects the necessary products for one order at a time. -Batch picking, where order pickers collect products for several orders simultaneously, in batches.



Sorting has been done to keep track of the accuracy and customer satisfaction.



This step includes packing the respective items in a shipping box. After that, weighing it for shipment and labelling the customer’s delivery address is done.



After all the steps are completed, the order is shipped to the customer by our carrier.

Crystals That We Offer

No matter what you are concerned about, there is something made just for you when it comes to crystals. While crystal therapy involves no cookie-cutter techniques, you can see amazing results under the guidance of an experienced therapist. At Dhruv Cart, we cater to a diverse clientele and have a clear record so far with a highly satisfied customer base. We offer a wide variety of healing crystals.

All you need to do is Contact Us, and we will ensure a smooth buying experience for you. Millions of people around the world can manifest their aspirations with the help of these magical antidotes, and now it’s time for you to get onboard. Reinvent yourself into a much better and spiritual person with these powerful crystals.