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Heart Chakra Crystal : 8 Essential Crystals to Know About

Abhishek Sharma Posted on May 2022

Do you feel bogged down and unable to handle the challenges life throws at you? Is your home like a war zone, giving you more stress and no comfort? Are you at your wit's end, thinking obsessively with no solution? 

Amidst this low, did your heart leap with joy after a walk in a verdant forest? Or did you feel your head clear up after a rose quartz crystal meditation session? This is no flash in the pan solution but a time-tested one, worth its weight in gold. Welcome to our exploration of the vibrations of the heart chakra, heart chakra meaning, the healing from heart chakra stones or heart chakra crystals to eliminate all the blocks and restore physical and emotional well-being. 

First Things First – What is the Heart Chakra?

Chakras are the energy centers in the human body that influence health, emotions, and thoughts. The human body has seven chakras, and the prerequisite for a healthy life is perfect stability and equilibrium in the chakras. 

So, what is heart chakra meaning? The heart chakra is the fourth chakra. Among the seven chakras, its fourth position means it is almost at the midpoint of the chakra system, making it an extraordinary center of energy. In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is also called the Anahata chakra. It is found at the center of the spine and is at the same heart level.

The energy of the heart chakra is feminine. The symbol for the Heart chakra is a six-point star in green color, contained within a flower with 12 petals. The heart chakra meaning is connected to the mantra, "I love," and its element is air.

Fourth Chakra Meaning

To explain the specialty of the fourth chakra- it makes a connection between the upper three and lower three chakras. As you may know, the three upper chakras are the crown, third eye, and throat. The lower three chakras are the solar plexus, the root, and the sacral. What does the heart chakra do? The heart chakra at the center is a unifying force between the spiritual and physical chakras. Essentially, the heart chakra is like a conduit between the concrete and the abstract - the physical and spiritual aspects of the human being.

Being the center of emotions, this 4th chakra, or the heart chakra, is in charge of emotions such as grief and love. If you often accept, forgive, and move on, your heart chakra is at work. That gives you a better sense to show compassion and empathy. If your thoughts and behavior change for the good, the heart chakra is the root of all these positive transformations. This is the heart chakra meaning.

If the heart chakra is blocked, the repercussions are enormous. The emotional suffering is of a high magnitude. Such people may often feel stressed and suffer from loneliness and depression. The will to work and be action-oriented is absent. Inertia takes over, and gradually mental well-being is compromised.

The epicenter of all our emotions of love, kindness, generosity, and trust is the Anahata chakra, and it gives us that warm, secure feeling. When the energy levels are balanced in the Anahata chakra, what we see is abiding love, outpouring compassion, friendliness, altruism, and radiance. 

Qualities of Heart Chakra – What does the Heart Chakra do?

The meaning of ‘Anahata’ is ‘not capable of hurt’ or one that is 'unhurt'. Therefore, the Heart chakra is at the core of human beings' emotions of love, empathy, forgiveness, and kindness. To explain in detail, the sense of peace, trust, fearless attitude, engagement, philanthropy, and such emotions of relationship and connection with others emanates from the heart chakra.

Anahata or the heart chakra is denoted with a green colour and is situated at the centre of the chest. 

The organs and areas in the body that these chakra rules are the arms, skin, upper back, hands, ribcage, lungs, and heart. The heart chakra governs the circulatory system too.

Technically defining the expansive characteristics of the heart chakra is akin to putting all the good things of the universe in one green goody box. To put it in a nutshell, the benefits of heart chakra enable people to be:

  • More empathetic and compassionate
  • Noble and kind
  • Able to accept, forgive and move on progressively
  • Peaceful at all times
  • Positively transformed 

True to the Sanskrit meaning of Heart chakra, Anahata, this chakra controls the energy of love in the body. The heart chakra on the superficial level connects with the upper body muscles, lungs, immune system, and the heart. On a higher spiritual level, the heart chakra pours love and is an epitome of overflowing love and affection.

If the heart chakra is not experiencing the free flow of energies or faces blockages and instability, it may result in health issues. The health issues may range from mild to severe depending upon the degree of blockage. A fallout of an improperly functioning heart chakra could be dysfunctional relationships, strife, and separation. Some may feel isolated and depressed. It could also manifest as skin ailments, asthma, and hypertension. These anomalies may also lead to heart disease or heart attack in the worst cases.

About heart chakra relationships - If we maintain healthy limits in relationships yet have profound bonds, it is the work of our perfectly balanced heart chakra!

Green Chakra Meaning – What Chakra is Green?

Let us explore the green chakra meaning. Each chakra has a unique color that represents it. The color green is connected to the heart chakra, and the element that defines the heart chakra is air. This is why the heart chakra is also called the green chakra.

“Anahata’, the name of the heart chakra we are already familiar with, occupies a place in the chakra system and is the seat of the deep connections with others. The green chakra unleashes its calming energies. We may find ourselves building bridges, sublimating our ego, and blending with that universal love we all know about. We experience a realization that we are all one and everything in the world is interrelated. This is the essence of green chakra meaning.

Let us understand the purpose of the green chakra.

The Green Chakra’s Purpose

What chakra is green? As we know, the green chakra, or the fourth chakra, provides the bridge between the chakras that are physically oriented and the chakras that are spiritually oriented. How we develop emotionally and physically depends on the potency of energy from the green chakra. This essentially means that the health of the green chakra is imperative to ensure our holistic development.

How can we evaluate the health of our green chakra? Some of the parameters of a healthy green chakra are qualities such as unity, compassion, abiding joy, bliss, love, empathy, and acceptance.

The other critical connection is the green chakra's absolute love, connecting the physical body with the spiritual world. Further, the conduit between the soul and your ego is the heart chakra.

Green chakra in top condition means we begin to recognize the unity in all beings. The heart chakra is akin to air, which is the element connected to the fourth chakra, and it has those traits of air-light, infinite, shapeless, and subtle.

The symbolism of the Color Green for the Chakras

What is the significance of the color green for the chakras? The color green emanates calm and soothing energies. It can keep the mind tranquil. The altruistic traits of generosity, empathy, and kindness are also connected with the color green.

The energy from green also embodies growth increase in development in an environment of congeniality and honesty.

Do you feel enveloped in a sudden wave of positivity, love, and kindness when you are in verdant surroundings? This is because the energy from the green environment, trees, and forests contribute to the good health of your heart chakra. So, an excellent way to nurture your heart chakra is to spend time in greenery, such as forests and parks.

Green also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It signifies action, movement, and growth.

Is it possible to alter our thoughts and behavior patterns to remedy the chakras' blockages? 

Symptoms of Energy Blocks in Heart Chakra

Many physical manifestations leave tell-tale signs of problems in the heart chakra. Some of the physical symptoms of disharmony in the energy of the heart chakra are as follows:

  • Heart problems such as palpitations
  • Respiratory problems - issues with lungs and breathing difficulties
  • Weak immune systems- prone to infections, colds, etc
  • Circulation problems

Imbalance also occurs when the heart chakra is overactive. People may go overboard in compassion and love, putting others’ requirements before one's own. If the heart chakra is sluggish or underactive, we may show negative tendencies: being over-critical about others' faults rather than goodness.

The following traits may show up when the heart chakra is overactive

  • Excessive concern and worry
  • Abnormal kindness and empathy
  • Envy
  • Tendency to depend on someone all the time
  • Unhealthy boundaries
  • Self-effacing attitude
  • Inclination to hold on to relationships that may be abusive
  • Cannot take a stance for oneself
  • Excessive compromise on self-care and self-needs for others

These are some of the evident symptoms of imbalance in the energies of the heart chakra. The signs are evident, and such people need assistance in restoring the balance in the energies of the heart chakra. Let us now understand how we can heal the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Healing

It is essential to recognize that a balanced heart chakra is crucial for our physical health and mental well-being. Blockages can occur in the heart chakra. 

The core of our being is dependent on a welcoming heart chakra that allows the free flow of kindness, love, and compassion. If there are any blocks here and one feels stuck, you can use simple mechanisms to open the heart to all the positive vibes, affection, and kindness that envelops us. Thankfully, the blockage can also be set right using some of these heart chakra healing tips. To balance the heart chakra, do the following:

  • Make a habit of positive affirmations that can open your heart to welcoming positive vibes. Visualizations and positive affirmations can keep the vibrations upbeat and help restore the delicate balance if practiced regularly.
  • Write down your blessings every day in a gratitude journal. Make it a practice to jot down three things you consider a gift and feel happy about.
  • Meditate every day, feeling love and empathy in your heart.
  • Employ heart chakra healing crystals such as rose quartz which assist in rectifying the balance in the heart chakra
  • Few beverages have a beneficial effect on the energies of the heart chakra. Some examples are rose tea and cacao. Drink these beverages to experience healing and soothing powers.

Chakras and Crystals - Healing Crystals as Therapy

There are many ways to set right the problems in the chakras. There are healing crystals for each chakra. For the heart chakra, too, we have heart chakra healing crystals. In the realm of alternate therapies, using healing heart chakra crystals or heart chakra stones is ranked on top of the heap. How to clear heart chakra?

Healing heart chakra crystals or heart chakra stones contain abundant healing properties to balance the heart chakra. The therapeutic benefits from healing crystals are countless, ranging from depression relief to solving relationship conflicts.

In ancient times, Medicine took advantage of the positive vibrations of healing heart chakra crystals to cure ailments. Priests in the bygone era have always resorted to crystals to restore balance in the energy centers. Today, we have famous people from all walks of life harnessing the power of the crystals to balance heart chakra. Self-care rules and many today are testimony to the healing powers of crystals to restore order in their lives and balance the heart chakra. This is essentially the heart chakra stones meaning.

Energy healers, gemmologists, and lapidarists claim that heart chakra stones are power centers of healing. They allow the flow of positive energy into the body while dealing with negative energy and toxicity. The heart chakra stones and crystals are good for love and function by directing the powers to heal the body from within.

Crystals for heart health seem to bring about the placebo effect on the body and promote healing. Due to their molecular structure and composition, the crystal and rocks all carry their own intrinsic and distinct frequency and vibration. The manner in which they network and interrelate causes the vibrational pattern and energy which has a beneficial effect on health, mind and body.

Let us get to know everything about heart chakra and how the crystals for heart health impact its working.

How to Heal Heart Chakra?

The green heart chakra is the seat of love which sets no boundaries or conditions. This limitless center of abiding love and compassion can turn the other way around if the harmony is disturbed. What was once a core of pure love and compassion can turn into hatred, wickedness, fear, and anxiety if the chakra is imbalanced? This is a good way to check if your heart chakra is in harmony and the energies are well balanced. If you feel the flow of unconditional love, and limitless in giving and accepting love, enveloped with joy and positivity, this means your heart chakra is properly aligned.

If you are feeling resentful off late, scared and fearful, with tightness in the chest, it points to an imbalanced heart chakra. We will help you explore the best crystals for relationships.

We would love you to experience the sheer bliss of having an open and well-balanced heart chakra. One of the trusted ways of opening up the heart chakra is with the use of heart-healing crystals. What are heart-healing crystals and can they bring back your life of vibrancy, bliss, and an overflowing cup of joy? Let us look at how to heal heart chakra with heart healing crystals.

Heart Healing Crystals for Emotional Balance

How to heal your heart chakra? Showing love, care, compassion and kindness is priceless but can also be demanding. The heart chakra needs space and care to constantly replenish its energies. There are many methods to ensure we continuality practice love in our lives. Using heart-healing crystals or stones that keep the energies constantly aligned is a good way to ensure a well-balanced heart chakra. So, what are heart stones used for?

Heart stones or heart-healing crystals are a veritable support for the heart chakra to do its job well. The crystals basically allow the heart chakra to flourish. It is like replenishing the heart with some care, especially since the heart chakra is always on an altruistic mode. So, what can we do for some self-care for the heart chakra? How to clear heart chakra?

Get to know the crystals for higher heart chakra.

8 Essential Heart Healing Fourth Chakra Crystals – Best Crystals for Love

The eight heart-healing crystals of fourth chakra stones are endowed with chakra enhancing properties that canstimulate feelings of love and empathy. Using the best crystals for heart chakra, keeping them close or wearing them can balance the energies in the heart chakra. These good crystals for love will restore the love, affection, empathy, and emotional strength to be able to send out positive vibes even if the times are challenging. How to heal your heart chakra? The eight heart-healing best love crystals and what they can do for your heart is described below. These are some of the best crystals for the heart chakra.

Healing Crystals Green Aventurine

This beautiful green stone reverberates positive vibrations of affection and kindness. This is one of the best heart chakra crystals. This crystal heart is high on emotional grounding and works well to rejuvenate the heart chakra. This earthy healing green crystals has the most profound connection with nature. These heart chakra healing stones stands for the birth of a new life, full of joy and hope. Perhaps one of the trusted stones for the heart chakra, these healing green crystals can reinstate peace, renew opportunities, strengthen the heart space, and provide more prospects for growth.

Do you want to buy healing green crystals for your heart chakra?


This is a blended crystal of epidote and red jasper and again one among the best heart chakra crystals. This crystal is beautiful with its rather natural and simple colour combo, yet a power centre of relationships and love. This crystal stands for the strength of two sections combining to become one whole power centre, targeting romantic love and marriage. Among the other crystals for the heart, this gem works best when used during relationship problems. The vibrations from this crystal can help us with the feelings of empathy, adjustment and compromise. Wear crystal heart pendants to allow the healing vibrations from the stone to restore the balance in the heart chakra. Healing my heart chakra with this unique crystal is indeed worth it.

Rose Quartz

This is one of the best heart chakra crystals that famously builds on love and relationships. This beautiful pink crystal embodies unbridled pure love. It is said that having this crystal around you can be the best support for the heart chakra. Wear a crystal heart containing this stone as jewelry in the form of pendants, brooch, rings or earrings. Meditation with these heart chakra gemstones and setting an intention can heal the blocks in the heart chakra. These heart chakra healing stones can restore order in the heart chakra. This is what is precisely needed to support those that are emotionally drained. Further, the glow of this precious heart chakra gemstone can be calming for your spirit and can do wonders for the health of the heart chakra. So, rose quartz heart chakra it is!


Known for a good reason as the “rescue stone”, this crystal is a captivating merger of pink, black and red rhodonite. This crystal offers a double-edged benefit as it supports both heart and root chakra. This means it can rev up the heart chakra and address stalemate situations to bring about a resolution. This crystal provides holistic healing and security. Those who use it stand to gain from the influence of this stone in bringing harmony in their lives.


It is not for nothing that Amazonian warriors chose this crystal to be their constant support and companion for the courage and beauty it brought. They were able to traverse the battle field and emerge stable even in the area of love. The crystal offered stability, direction and maturity in the tumultuous emotions of love and passion. In the rather chaotic maze of emotions, the crystal brought clarity to do the right step. This is surely the crystal for the heart, you can use it to add more power in times of emotional turmoil.


This crystal attracts all the good luck and fortune, so it can be your lucky charm. These green chakra stones allow you to discover everlasting bonds and forge deep and meaningful relationships. It allows you to draw the right people and emotions that are heart healing. You will soon begin to enjoy and revel in the swathe of love that you so much merit. The heart is the from where pure and real joy emanate, and this crystal is simply all about boundless joy. Further, this crystal is very powerful when set with an intention to improve the energies in the heart chakra, to draw more love in your life. The stone most definitely allows success to permeate in all that you set out to do.


These regal looking green chakra stones are more than just beauty. Scratch the surface and what you see is its raw power and intelligence it enables people that carry or wear it. This crystal may allow you to believe in yourself and your intelligence. It builds on your confidence. It does wonders for your heart chakra as it enables you to feel the pulse of what is going on inside your heart. The crystal pushes you to care and love yourself first. This is perhaps the first lesson on heart chakra health and healing, the ability to love yourself, no matter what. This crystal offers limitless support on your journey of love, learning and caring unconditionally. This healing crystal strengthens your heart chakra immeasurably.

Green Opal

Like they say, everything in life needs moderation. That goes for love too. This fantastically colored stone enables the delicate balance in amorous relationships. Even though love should be unhindered and overflowing, a balance is imperative. Uncontrolled feelings and exaggerated demonstration of love can be damaging. When we have this gem with us, we are more likely to seek relationships that are supportive, stable and nurturing. We may not be led by raw unhindered passion which may not stand the test of time. If you are in a relationship that is demanding and takes a lot out of you, and you often find yourself crossing the boundaries you have set, get this green magic into your lives to restore order and cleanse that heart space. This stone is known for the calm energy it enables and ensuring the heart chakra works efficiently.

More Heart Healing Crystals

Green Aventurine

The calming energy of this aesthetically appealing stone balances emotions. Wearing this stone as jewelry or keeping the crystals close can show us how inner harmony feels. It relieves users of irritation, agitation, and anger. Use this stone to relax if you feel bogged down due to a busy lifestyle. This stone helps still the mind, control wild thoughts, and grounds the vibrational field.

Wear the green aventurine on the pulse points or under your pillow while you sleep. Keep the stone close to your heart for maximum benefits. The energy healers recommend keeping a blue hue aventurine on the third eye chakra. The immense benefits of this gemstone are its ability to soak up electromagnetic waves and protect against environmental pollution.


This eye-catching green stone has a profound link with the heart chakra and is famously known to bring healing to the healer. Symbolizing unconditional love, this heart crystal protects the heart chakra and keeps it open.

This is the go-to stone to heal if you are grappling with deep-seated fears or phobias. This stone makes you a happy dreamer. Children dealing with ADHD can benefit from the soothing energies of this stone. This heart chakra crystal is also good for the lungs, chest, kidneys, bladder, and thymus gland.


Many battles in life seem more manageable if we accept, think clearly, and let go when necessary. This stone keeps the heart chakra clear. It also gives an impetus to bust stress and enable healing through kindness. The beauty of this stone is that it soaks the emotional pain and is suitable for both heart and throat chakra. You can thus move on without heaviness in the heart.

This gemstone envelops the user with a safety net. No danger can occur if you wear this stone or keep it close. Its healing powers are far-reaching and are known to regenerate tissue if placed over wounds. It can soak up the negative energy into itself.

Practices to Align and Open Heart Chakra

How do I heal my heart chakra? If your objective is to live a life of unconditional love, experience free flow of energy, heal your heart space, know that it is a practice you must follow every day of your life. It is a work in progress and not a onetime practice. Just like any other form of physical exercise, or spiritual exercise such as meditation, practices and work outs to keep the heart chakra in balance must be consistent and ongoing.

The chakras always want the unhindered flow of energy. The heart chakra represents unconditional love and kindness. Let us show you how some simple practices that can get the heart chakra experience all the alignment, harmony, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, motivation and freedom in the heart space. How to balance heart chakra? Let us look at some of the measures to unblock your heart chakra.

Power of Yoga

Yoga has been around since ages for its immeasurable benefits. In the subject of heart chakra balancing, a compete yoga practice which consists of yoga asanas and breathing techniques, pranayama and meditation is a complete workout for the heart chakra. This combination helps move the energy in an upward direction and bring about order and alignment. The backbends in yogic postures are especially wonderful in inducing the many open-hearted attributes of the heart chakra. These help in opening the chest and infuse it with renewed vigour and energy.


It is a largely ignored aspect, but it is impossible to pour from an empty cup. If you do not love yourself, it is quite difficult to love others. It is important to practice self-love, appreciate yourself, and qualities of inner strength and generosity. This is the foundation of a good relationship with your own self. This is the only way to reduce bitterness, not just about yourself but with those around. Unless you feel the positivity inside, it is impossible to transmit positive vibrations. The heart loving crystals help with their positive vibrations and can enhance self-love.

Prayer and chanting

Chanting and prayer with devotion also cleanses the heart chakras, clears blocks and paves the way for more love in our lives. Unconditional love in the face of challenges may seem easier said than done. With the assistance of heart-healing crystals, that is by wearing them or keeping them close in the prayer room, it is possible to focus our mind and soak in the positivity around. It is possible to release all the pent-up toxicity and negative energy through the love for the divine. Chanting and repetition of a mantra, and using a healing crystal are perhaps some of the best ways to align the heart chakra.

Get adequate nutrition and nourishment

The leafy greens do wonders for the heart chakra. Including Vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits can provide the heart's nutrition and make a huge difference to the energy in the heart space. Some of the heart-friendly and healthy vegetables are celery, spinach, kale, broccoli which can unleash their magic on the heart chakra. Green tea also helps nourish the body and is very high on antioxidants, which can help correct imbalances in the heart chakra.

Daily Meditation

Meditation is a panacea for most ills, and healing the heart chakra is prominent. It can be a solution to most of the imbalances. Meditation helps create a steady mind and enables peace at the core of your being. While meditation is soothing, harmonizing, invigorative, and curative, it can be doubly beneficial with the power of healing crystals. The crystals make the environment conducive to focusing the mind. It can help concentrate the mind in the face of challenges. Heart chakra meditation with a crystal is a specialized meditation that cleanses the heart space and enables the free flow of energies. This is a highly supportive practice that activates the heart chakra.

How to Clear Heart Chakra

Many factors can create a blockage in the heart's energies. Some of them can be due to environmental triggers or the stress of daily life. Even an ailment that we may be suffering can cause obstacles in the free flow of energy in the heart chakra. Emotional struggles, quarrels and challenges can also cause our energies in the heart chakra to drain out.

The heart chakra energy or the Anahata energy blockage can have massive repercussions on our overall spiritual, emotional, and physical health. This can lead to a weakened immune system, circulatory issues, breathing trouble, and hypertension. The Anahata energy has a big influence on the upper extremities, which is the lungs and heart.

If the fourth chakra faces energy blockages, it is easy to feel disconnected from others. Such people may display a lack of kindness and empathy and mistrust others and themselves. Such people also exhibit worry and insecurity at all levels and are very fearful. The behaviours can turn obsessive or manipulative if the heart chakra is not remedied.

How to Protect your Heart Chakra

An unimaginable experience occurs when you open your heart chakra. There will be unhindered and copious flow of positive emotions such as kindness, compassion and love. This will draw people to you like moth to light.

A well balanced and positively energised heart chakra will keep people authentic and real. One need not be fake and constantly keep up with the Joneses. When you live with a truly well performing and cleansed Anahata or fourth chakra, you will be so genuinely engaged with the world.

  • You will want to serve more lovingly expecting nothing in return.
  • You will look at people’s goodness rather than criticise and look at the grey side of others
  • You will radiate warmth, positive energies and enjoy abiding peace regardless of the circumstance or environmental triggers.

How to balance heart chakra? The following practices will strengthen willpower, cleanse the heart space, and will tell how you can easily follow these pointers.

Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart chakra meditation is a proven method to revive appropriate energy flow to the heart chakra. That said, meditation is a personal journey and the experience can be unique for each practitioner. It is important to allocate the time and find the best method that works for you.

  • To meditate, you need to sit in a relaxed position without strain on the joints or the spine. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You should ideally choose a room where there is negligible disturbance. 
  • Use a healing crystal or fourth chakra crystals on your person or close to you so that the vibrations from the crystal create positive energies.
  • Use a mantra for chanting or you can follow a guided meditation program. A three-week consistent meditation program should set you on the path and will soon become a habit that you will want to perform regularly.

Add More Greens in Your Life

The heart chakra is green, therefore if you adopt more of the green colour in your life, it will do a world of good to your heart chakra.

  • Seeing greenery around, spending more time in verdant spaces, wearing the color green or having indoor plants can bring soothing energies and calming forces into your life. 
  • If your workspace is green, you will find yourself dealing with challenges at work in an amicable manner. 
  • Eat more greens -There is more good reason why nutritionists ask you to include fibrous green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Apart from doing a world of good for weight loss, it can heal your heart chakra. Cucumbers, green apples, broccoli and leafy greens are magical for the heart. If you find yourself facing deadlocks at work, or conflicts at home, it is time to take measures to clear your heart chakra so that the energy flow is restored.

Mantra chanting

Repetitive sounds and mellifluous mediative strains touch a chord and reverberate within the chakras. If we go back to history and our ancient times, many different traditions used the sacred vowels to induce chakra balancing. 

Mantras are repeated either vocally or in the mind while meditating, and chanting this regularly can heal both the spiritual and physical heart centre. This will help open up to all the limitless unconditional love that is abounding in the universe.

Reiterating Positive Pronouncements or Assertions

Positive affirmations or the power of assertions have long been established to heal and help people rise out of depressive moods or negative tendencies. The energy connected with the fourth chakra or Anahata chakra gets a boost with positive affirmations. These affirmations can be positive compliments to your own self, appreciating perhaps certain attitudes, behaviour, generosity or even beauty. Expressions of self-love and acceptance influence the perception of how one is accepted in the outside world. This can influence our behaviour and align our energies to give love in an unrestricted manner to the world. Gratitude affirmation also allows people to acknowledge and be thankful for the blessings. Most people are quick to complain, which can lead to disappointments and negativity. Crystals infused with positive affirmations and intent can help in these affirmation sessions. This enables cleansing of the heart chakra and protects it allow the free flow of unconditional love.

Heart Chakra Vibration Meaning

To discover what the universe holds as the biggest enigma, we need to study it with respect to vibration, energy and frequency. So, what is heart chakra vibration meaning? Each chakra has a certain frequency of vibration. The heart chakra or Anahata which sits comfortably in close proximity to the heart at the chest’s centre, sends out vibrations of love and affection to the universe. 639Hz is thought to be that special frequency of affection and love that heals. That is how we learn to accept, love, forgive and be kind with others. A balanced Anahata or the fourth chakra rests in the centre of the chest, close to the heart. This is a core of healing, bliss, peace and self-love. This experience is very profound and is the foundation of healthy and unconditional intimate relationships.

What Chakra is Emerald Good for?

Emerald is nicknamed as the ‘stone of love. It is also called the ‘stone of abundance ‘. It activates the heart chakra which promotes healing of the heart. This gemstone is capable of influencing the Anahata chakra to enable emotional, mental and physical harmony.

Emerald is an epitome of dynamic growth and energy. If you wear a superior quality emerald you will soon begin to attract opportunities for professional growth and increase in income. If you have noticed people in Finance, or those trading in share markets, banking professionals, wearing an emerald, it is to attract positive vibrations and growth.

Emerald sends out energies that ensures loyalty. It is the vibration of domestic harmony and peace. This stone helps enhance unrestrained love, friendship and unity. This crystal activates the heart and envelops it with a protective effect. This guarantees equilibrium at the physical, emotional and mental level. The users of this stone are able to target their intention and increase their consciousness, to completely destroy negativity, and ensure positive actions. This means you can enjoy your life in an absolute way.

Emerald helps in liver detoxification. It can hasten recovery after illnesses. 

How to Work on your Heart Chakra?

A few simple ways to effectively get the heart chakra in ship shape and clear all the energy blocks are:

  • Adopt a comfortable sitting posture and keep your legs crossed
  • Shut your eyes and relax
  • Now, visualise a green light that is emanating from the centre of your chest and spreading out of your body.
  • Next imagine this light covering and completely enveloping you. Allow the light to move upwards to the crown of your head and downwards to your toes. Do this three times to feel completely relaxed and allow the free flow of energy into your heart space.

This is a proven technique to clear your heart chakra and open it to enable the free flow of energies. A few asanas or yogic poses activate the heart chakra.
Some of the names of the yoga poses that help with heart chakra are:

  • Fish pose (Matsyasana)
  • Camel pose (Ustrasana)
  • Sphinx pose
  • Cat pose (Marjaryasana)

While doing these poses, make sure to arch the chest upwards. This will enable the free flow of energies.

Crystal Therapy

Healing crystals as they are called are capable of healing and clearing all the blocks in the chakras. Therefore, therapy using crystals is not something new but is in practice from many moons. The rationale behind crystal therapy is that the vibrations form the crystals that send out energies in a certain frequency that is powerful to channel our inner enemies and clear our chakras of all the blocks and toxins. Cleansing the chakras is possible with crystal therapy.

To perform healing with crystals,

  • In a horizontal and comfortable position, keep the crystal on the centre of the chest. Now, visualise the flow of positive energies and allow the crystal to absorb all the negative vibrations from the chakra. Do this for about 10 minutes
  • Place the healing crystal in a bowl of water to cleanse the negative energy from the crystal. This should stimulate the crystal again and keep it working well.
  • Feel one with nature: Connecting with the Earth has manifold gains. If you take up activities that permit you to keep a close connection with greenery and nature, it turns out to be therapeutic. Have you found yourself feeling happier after a walk in the forest, or after gardening? This is because of the green color, working with nature is heart healing and cleanses the chakras. Always imagine the green light emanating from your chest and enveloping you in its warmth.

How to Activate Heart Chakra

Going green is one of the sure-shot ways of activating the heart chakra. The heart loves green. So simply go green if you want to give your heart some love.

Nature has provided us with enough greens in the form of fruits and vegetables. Seaweed, Bok choi, kale, spinach is some of the heart healthy and fourth chakra friendly foods you must have a go at. There are innumerable creative ways to make the greens tasty and presentable. Whether you drink it as a smoothie or chew it like a salad or add it in your favourite pasta, make sure to eat at least a sizable portion of greens everyday

You will be doing your heart chakra a big favour!

Mantras for Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is synonymous with love. For those experiencing difficulties in relationships, incapable of showing love, or feeling they are in an emotional war-like zone, chanting the 'YAM' mantra should help. The heart chakra is deeply connected to the physical and spiritual being. The mantra “I love” is the reverberating heart chakra mantra.

What Your Heart Wants

Self-care is imperative to nurture the charitable nature of the heart chakra, to love and be kind unconditionally. Although blockages and imbalance in the heart chakra take time and patience, healing the heart chakra opens up a world of immense possibilities for eternal joy, boundless love, .and generosity. Once you are open from the center of your chest, you will see the world warm up to you. You will pour from an overflowing cup. This will create more opportunities for loving others, being kind, compassionate, and paving the way for more self-love. Love yourself first and accept the way you are. This is the most significant step in healing your heart chakra and tuning it for a more rewarding experience in life.

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