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Crystals for Love: An Essential Guide 

Abhishek Sharma Posted on May 2022

“It is love that makes the world go round!” W.S Gilbert had said. Love is a universal emotion that warms the cockles of the heart. History is replete with many stories of war waged to fight for love or avenge the betrayal of love. The overpowering influence of love and attraction is a driving force in relationships and makes life worth living. While love is a cakewalk for few, it can be a path fraught with challenges and disappointments for some others.

There are many ways one can find a solution to issues of the heart, love, and relationships. Self-love is the foundation stone for manifesting love and romance into our lives. We often beat ourselves up and grow to be our worst enemy. Being kind to oneself is an act of self-love.

Have you heard about crystals for true love? Do you know that crystals for attraction can invite abundant and unconditional love? For those that have faced failure in love or a break-up, the crystals for love work well to heal a broken heart. The crystals for love can unblock the heart chakras and attract love into our lives. Crystals for healthy relationships improve bonding and set the foundation for a lifelong commitment. We will be dealing with the topic of manifestation for love.

Healing crystals for attraction are a blessing to pull us out of disappointments, regret, and the inability to forgive ourselves. The heart chakra, in such cases, is the worst hit. Providentially, healing crystals love can iron out the blocks in the heart chakra and help us manifest the ability to attract love and be kind and compassionate. Incredible as this may seem, we will also tell you how to manifest someone back into your life. More about gems that mean love and best love crystal.

Crystals for Love

Most of us would give an arm and a leg to manifest life like our dreams, goals, and aspirations. Manifesting our dreams to reality is only possible if we work doggedly on our goals, channel our energies, and set our minds with the intention to align with the cosmos perfectly. When we align in such a manner, we may notice that magically our dreams take shape.

To enjoy this perfect alignment of our goals with that of the universe, healing crystals is necessary. Essentially, some of the healing stones are capable of working on your energy in such a way that it is aligned to receive love and abundance.

Specific crystals can bring more emotional bonding and closeness to existing relationships. Some of these crystals for love and healing can improve relationships among those facing challenges. The specific stones can also help add glow and harmony to the relationships you already enjoy.

We also have crystals for heartbreak. These work their magic to help people overcome the void following a heartbreak. Those who have been through failure in love know how painful the experience can be!

If you aspire to draw all the love, goodness, and abundance, you merit in passion and bonding, read on to discover the healing crystals for heart that works perfectly.


How to Manifest Love into Your Life

Everyone wants to love and be loved. How to bring love into your life? Can you manifest love?

Many people believe that manifesting love is possible if you have more control over your life and keep your physical space clean and organized. Although it is partly true, these things can aid only to a certain extent. It is important to set intentions to manifest love into your life and decluttering. Healing crystals or heart chakra stones make you very intentional and focused on attracting love in your life.

If you meditate with the crystals for love and practice mindfulness and gratitude, you have the best combination working to heal your heart chakra and attract love and abundance.

How to manifest someone to love you? When you use the crystals for love, you reverberate positive energy into your life. By setting intentions on the healing crystal for love, which is vibrating and sending out energies to attract love, you are helping it invite the life you appreciate.

The love crystal, such as Rose quartz, resonates powerfully with the heart chakra. These are crystals for love and protection. This crystal can strongly enable self-love. Those who have used Rose Quartz to attract love and bonding have successfully found a deep connection, intimacy, and compassion in their close relationships and with the world around them.

Keep a Regimen of Self-care Rituals along with Healing Crystals

Self-love is necessary if you have to attract love and keep it constant. Keep the heart chakra crystal close in your bedroom, or wear them as jewelry. This is a good form of self-care. It clears all the blocks to love and let love. 

When you experience the smooth flow of energy in the heart chakra, you align yourself to give and receive love from the universe. 

Visualize your Dreams and the Love you Want

How to manifest someone to love you? Visualization is an effective technique. When performed with healing crystals, it works with double intensity. Visualize every day for those dedicated few minutes before you fall asleep, the life of your dream and the love of your life. It would help if you believed you would receive what you visualized strongly. Visualizing with these stones for relationships sends accelerated vibrations into the universe to attract the love you desire and the life you want.

Manifesting love using crystals – How does it work?

Can you manifest true love? To the uninitiated, manifesting means using techniques to convert dreams to reality. Manifestation works by aligning our energies to attract what we want. This hinges on the theory of the law of attraction, that what we focus on, begins to increasingly manifest in reality. Many believe that we are in a continuous manifestation process since what we think, feel and expect becomes what we attract into our lives. 

How to manifest someone to love you? As crystal therapy experts, we at Healing Crystals know that the foundation of the law of attraction rests on energy principles. All things in the cosmos consist of energy, an atom, and particle levels. Our thoughts have a certain vibration. Manifesting, in essence, is just aligning our desires with vibrations. 

How do you, manifest love? To manifest, we need to have a state of mind that carries a similar vibrational frequency as our desires. Healing crystals or stones for manifesting are a significant force to reckon with in helping people match this vibration frequency to manifest dreams into reality. 

Stones for manifesting the love you want will assist in creating the environment with the correct vibrational frequency to attract your partner into your life. Read on to know more about the stones for manifesting love into your life. 

How to Attract Love into your Life

Does love happen at first sight due to the instant matching of energies? Can you manifest love? 

Indeed, the law of attraction works in all areas, and love is no exception. To attract love into your life, take systematic steps to make sure you get what you want. Apart from wanting to love and be loved, which should be the focus of your mind, it is equally important to create an environment conducive for love to happen. Read about the best crystals for love. This is precisely the role of healing crystals and gemstones for love.

To explain further, if the seat of love, your heart chakra, is in the throes of energy blocks, you can do all you want, but true love may not come your way. You may also risk being entangled in relationships that sap your energy.

How do you, manifest love? Gemstones for love in such a scenario are like an oasis in a desert. Using rocks for love, you can help your heart chakra eliminate all the blocks to align the energy with the universe. You will be surprised how the right person walks into your life. With a bit of effort in using gemstones for love, you would have made a significant impact in your love life that lasts forever.

Read next about the best crystals for manifesting love into your life.

How to Attract Love with Crystals?

Best Crystals for Love – Romantic Gemstones

Best Crystals for Love – Romantic Gemstones

Using crystals to attract love sounds promising. We will now take you through the best crystals for manifesting. Crystals show promising results in eliminating musty blockages from the heart. Beautiful sparkling pink gemstones are apt for love to heal the heart chakra. Do not, however, underestimate the power of the green crystals for love. They connect with the heart chakra with an unmatched intensity. Check out all the information we have about crystals for a broken heart.

Self-love is another area where these crystals weave their magic. Keeping these self-love stones close, and meditating with stones for love attraction, will make you love yourself more and be comfortable in your skin. Use the crystals for relationships to improve relationships with self and others. Warm up the heart space with feelings of self-worth, confidence, inner strength, and harmony; that love may just fall into your lap. Don’t you want to possess these stones for relationships?

The best crystals for love, happiness, and manifestation of your goals and dreams are as follows:

Stones for Relationships

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an attractive gemstone that can open your mind like no other. To attract love, you need to clear your mind space, have a compassionate heart, and exude confidence. If there is any crystal that embodies all these properties that can make it conducive to attracting love, it is this striking bluestone. Surely is among the best crystals for relationships. These are priceless crystals for confidence and self-love. Wearing it as an amulet, bracelet, pendant, or necklace. They work well even if you keep them as pyramids or tumbled stones in your bedroom or workspace. They can enhance feelings of honesty, harmony, self-awareness, and integrity. You will give without restricting yourself and thus attract the love you deserve. These are also among worthy crystals for heartbreak.

Further, they are among the best crystals for emotional healing. The added blessings are good luck and fortune. Browse our store at healing crystals to buy the purest and most beneficial ones, which have gone through our strict quality checks so that you get invaluable benefits. 


This gemstone answers ‘what crystals are good for love’? This shining stone in shades of pink and red has an exciting moniker – 'rescue stone’. This is also the best stone for marriage. The vibrational energy is high for this luminous crystal, and it has a double effect of restoring order in both the heart and root chakra. These are crystals that promote self-love. This crystal works because it stabilizes the heart space and infuses power and trust. It replenishes the heart chakra with vital ingredients that boost its working to attract more love into your life. Use these crystals good for self-love to heal your heart. Choose from the wide variety we have of healing crystals to bring succor to your love and relationships, such that they are a source of joy.


Golden Prehnite is an amazingly luminous healing stone for the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. What it brings to the user is the warmth of unconditional love. It makes the mind space conducive to giving and receiving. It can attract the love that is in line with your expectations. This gemstone is highly advantageous for healers and spiritualists. Keeping the stone with them cleanses them and protects them from burnout. Using these crystals for love and romance as jewelry or as a meditation crystal, or in the vicinity of your bedroom or office space can create powerful vibrations that can forge some of the most profound bonds. This is a relationship gemstone and can help manifest and attract your soulmate. Undoubtedly is one of the best gemstones for attraction.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz and the heart chakra take each other like fish to water. Pretty pink, and this gemstone lives up to its name. Does rose quartz attract love? This is perhaps one of the best gemstones for attraction. This crystal increases your charm and charisma and makes you draw people like a magnet. The compassionate vibrations this crystal for relationships exudes make you an epitome of unconditional love. You will be your empathetic best as your mind is softened and warm to be kind to everyone. Romantic love and attracting your soulmate for a lifelong relationship is best with this bright and beautiful gem. Wear these crystals for love and romance on your wrist as a bracelet or look striking with a necklace of shimmering pink crystals. Wearing it on your body cleanses your heart chakra and attracts love. Meditating with this crystal for love, setting an intention to attract the attachment you want, or even for reuniting with your ex, this crystal may be the best what the energy healer ordered! We have the latest collection of the best from this stone, brilliant for its purity and beauty.

Green Aventurine

Can you manifest love using this crystal? This heart chakra crystal is best for bringing love into your life. How this crystal achieves is by its property of growth and nurturing. It keeps your heart closer to nature and Earth, and very soon, you will find the balance you are looking. You get closer to the Earth's energy with this crystal for love. Naturally, you begin to embrace harmony and peace in your life. This green beauty is a powerful crystal for love, opportunity, and abundance, you will do good to be the proud owner of this gemstone from our store. You will be spoilt for choice from the variety of jewelry and stones you can keep in your house to restore order in your heart and manifest the love of your life. This gemstone may also be the answer to how to manifest someone back into your life.


This blue and green gemstone for love will make you a brave heart. This stone is abundant with positive feelings and affection and, although it has a wild side, is a stone of bravery and courage. A high-energy stone that once decorated the shields of Amazonian warriors, it instilled fearlessness in the soldiers. This one is a blessing both for the heart and throat chakra. It can make its wearer self-confident and courageous to alter the course of love and relationships to make them long-lasting, nurturing, and worthy. It works well despite all the fears and insecurities which stand as barriers to realizing true love.

Green Jade 

This green beauty symbolizes success and happiness. If you want to attract luck, this is the go-to stone. This stone is an amulet for liveliness and living well. It helps the user do the right things to attract the abundance around. It enables clarity of thought and helps keep the mind focussed on goals and desires. It opens the heart chakra and allows matters to unfurl just as you want. People who bet on entrepreneurism and rise under their own steam can rely on this crystal for manifesting their dreams. Keep this as your talisman to make a mark and be a self-made success story.


The glow of this green stone is something you cannot miss. Know that this is one glow that lights up your heart with amazement and wisdom. Energy healers vouch for this stone because it exerts its influence and positivity across many layers. This stone helps attract love by enabling maturity, cutting ego, enabling calmness, and allowing trust and faith to take over. These crystals for love and marriage help us feel comfortable, seek new connections, establish confidence and trust and enable the capacity to be more open to a romantic relationship.


One instantly notices this stone's attractive and aesthetically created pink hues on the crystal. This stone has a cleansing effect on the heart chakra and the root and solar plexus chakra. The best part of this crystal for love is that it doggedly clears any emotional blockages you may have and eliminates them without a trace. Since Venus rules this stone, it makes all the emotional connections stronger. These crystals for love and marriage may be the best for reuniting friends with who you have lost touch. This stone will make these connections stronger if you suffer from emotional blockages. 


This is one eye-grabbing and mesmerizing green love crystal that is so good for rejuvenating the heart. It holds truth very close and can exude those vibrations that make the user wise and truthful. It is a high-energy stone and can raise your energy levels. It increases self-worth and eggs you to seek newer connections expanding your network of positive influences. It encourages you to be self-reliant and confident and enjoy the liveliness of just being joyful. With your heart space refreshed, you will soon be ready to attract more love and affection into your life. 

Green Tourmaline

This earthy gem establishes the most vital and profound connection you can experience in love. This gem works to attract the attachment you want to work on your compassion, empathy, and kindness. Under the influence of this stone, you will feel physically energetic. The heart becomes healthy and more robust with higher vibrations. This stone helps you connect more powerfully with the Earth to achieve everything you desire. 


The green and black beauty are known as transformative stones. It exerts restorative powers on both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. To manifest the love you desire, your heart needs to be transparent and clear. You need to have a voice that stands for clarity and confidence. This eye-catching beauty well caters to both these areas. When we are under the influence of healing energies from this stone, we can establish healthy boundaries in relationships and enjoy a no-holds-barred relationship and stability.

Green Calcite

This heart chakra gemstone can calm frayed nerves and keep you as cool as ever. If you are full of uncontrollable emotions and are overwhelmed, this remarkable gemstone restores calming energy and mental clarity. Clear thinking transforms into clear expression. Total peace is the blessing that this stone brings. This crystal for love will clear the heart chakra space to allow it to receive love. This green magic stone can eliminate all the toxic energy, accumulated emotional baggage, and make more room for light. It creates the ambiance for love to blossom, grow, and heal emotional wounds. This crystal for love gives us the nudge to be more open about our desires. This is the basic tenet or foundation for solid relationships.


This is another stone that epitomizes clarity of thought and calmness. It is beautifully pink, attractive to the eye, and contains all the nurturing qualities of devotion and love. These ingredients are necessary if you want to manifest the love you desire. This intuitive stone works wonders to clear impediments in the heart chakra. It also taps into the wisdom present in the third eye chakra. This stone also improves physical health by bringing the blood pressure down and keeping you tranquil. It makes it so easy to find the love you want and irons out all the challenges you thought were tough to handle. As a piece of jewelry, it can add to your beauty while also drawing the people you want close to you. 

Use this crystal for its raw appeal, as tumbled stones or a pyramid. Keep them in your physical space to cleanse your heart chakra.

Green Moldavite

This divine green stone is a favorite of the heart chakra. This gem can ring in a new angle and thought process to help you face your challenges. It also helps awaken the third eye chakra so that you will experience the pouring of love and light into your heart space. Most importantly, you will manifest your goals and dreams and attract the attachment you want by altering old behavior patterns and changing thought patterns that did not serve you any good. It will help you reach all those dreams lying dormant inside.

Moss Agate

This stone pulsating with heart chakra energy reminds us constantly of how much peace and harmony are needed to manifest the life you want. This mossy green love crystal helps bring the capricious moods to stability. This gem worn as jewelry or placed in the workspace or home can enable calming and soothing vibrations to the heart. It heals the heart chakra of all the negative energies. It encourages self-love and reminds us that to attract the love you want, the first basic need is to love yourself first. 


A different shade of green is aesthetic as a piece of jewelry- a necklace or earrings. Just one look at this crystal for love and feel your heartstrings pull. The gem makes you drop all the ego barriers, elevates harmony, and enables a balance of emotions. It will help take life lightly. Negative feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment will wither away. Wearing this gem or using it in your physical space will help your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakra. Effectively this stone will throw out all the inertia, stagnation, and low creativity. It will allow joy, zest, and passion for flowing in. Life will be a party once again with manifesting the love you want.

Moonstone for Love

This stone is not called the moon magic for nothing! Moonstone was also famously called the “Traveller’s Stone" once upon a time. The protective vibrations from this stone enabled safety to those that travel during night, or on water when the moon was at its peak. This stone carries the positive energy of hope and is worn as a talisman to keep the heart energized and happy.

This stone exudes such healing energies that users or wearers of this stone begin to experience overflowing love. This crystal helps patch up lovers who have parted acrimoniously. If you want to know about crystals to get your ex back, moonstone is one of them. This gem also teaches you how to attract lost love. Wearing them will help you get your love back. This is a gem that can awaken the kundalini and inspire sexual energy. Passion flows unhindered under the influence of this stone, and therefore do not hesitate to use the moonstone for love.

This stone is an enabler for those that are turning inward. It helps them give up on worldly objects and progress on the path of spirituality. For meditation, the moonstone is considered the ideal gem and can allow psychic abilities to flourish.

This crystal for love and relationships works to soothe the heart, improve intuition and cleanse the wearer of all negativity.

These are gemstones that represent love.

How can you use these Crystals for Love to Manifest your Desires?

Ways to make the best crystals for love work for you is by keeping these stones on your person or around you nearby. The vibrations from these healing crystals to attract love will mend your heart and envelop you in a swathe of love. Perform the following techniques with the gemstones for love and marriage to energize the heart chakra and restore energy flow. Some of the ways to use crystals to attract a lover are as follows:

  • To help these crystals for love connect with the energy from vibrations, wear the jewelry made out of these gemstones as often as you can to allow it to make skin contact.
  • Meditate by keeping the crystals for love on your heart chakra. This will help remove blockages.
  • Repeat positive and affectionate affirmations every morning, holding a heart chakra crystal.
  • Write a gratitude journal every day, counting your blessings. Do so, keeping the heart chakra crystal close to you.
  • To allow more harmony and peace to come into your life, place the heart chakra crystal in many places around your home.
  • A bath with a heart chakra crystal soaked in the water acts as an elixir to bring more love and warmth into your heart.
  • Keep the crystals for love close while performing chest and heart-opening yoga poses.
  • Perform breathing exercises holding the crystal in your palm.
  • Rekindle the capacity to love yourself and others using love crystals in your home and workspace. You can also use essential oils such as jasmine, lavender, rose, and love crystals.

How to use Rose Quartz to find Love

Here we are with a few simple practices to use rose quartz to attract a soulmate or manifest a new relationship in your life. Read about rose quartz manifest love.

  • Realign your bedroom and personal space: You may not even be aware of it, but the arrangement in the bedroom may be the biggest obstacle in your love life. A prerequisite to using crystals for manifesting love also requires ironing out or eliminating love destroyers in your space. Eliminating aspects that can kill love also allows more positive emotions to seep in.
  • Some bedrooms are arranged to give the impression of just one person in the room. The arrangement of the beds, especially if it is placed close to the walls, indicates no space for a second person. Making a bed arrangement to enable two people to access the bed comfortably is creating space and adjustment for the entry of a companion into your life.
  • If you have a mirror positioned in such a way that mirrors the beds, it may not be conducive to a healthy relationship. It portends a weak connection, so before you use crystals to manifest love, make these spatial arrangements to empower the crystals to work at their best.

Where to Place Rose Quartz to Attract Love?

  • You can place a Rose Quartz sphere in your bedroom to allow the flow of love. The reason to use spheres is that the energy flow is in all directions, which signifies completeness. This is just right for inviting love.
  • To have a better effect, you can use a combination of Rose Quartz and Amethyst, as the latter also works well as a ‘stone of love.
  • Place the Rose Quartz on your heart chakra and take a deep breath. Make a deep ‘ah' sound to release the energy from the spirit and spread love. You can repeat this about five to six times as you imagine yourself getting inside your heart space till you reach the core.
  • You can also use tumbled rose quartz in your pocket to invite all the love around you and keep yourself engaged in all the opportunities of love. These crystals for marriage will help attract the right lifetime companion for you.

These are some ways to use rose quartz to attract a soulmate.

How to use Clear Quartz for Manifestation?

Keep rose quartz crystal as raw and rough pieces in the southwest direction in your bedroom. This direction in the bedroom is conducive to companionship, marriage, and love. 

  • Place rose quartz crystals in a bowl of water and place it at your bedside. The room should be clutter-free. This will assist in lifting the vibrations of both you and your partner. Replace the water every once in 5 days. The crystal's vibrations will help better resolve conflicts and elevate intimacy. Using rose quartz to manifest love will alleviate stress and tension and encourage self-love.
  • Use a rose quartz pyramid to elevate peaceful energies and attract munificence from the universe. Placing this at the bedside can emit intimate energy and result in more closeness with your beloved.
  • To manifest your love life the way you want, you can use gem water and spray it around your bedroom and house. Rose Quartz water spray, which has all the energetic properties of the stone, can be sprayed on all furniture and objects to boost the quality of your romantic relationship.
  • Keep the tumbled rose heart-shaped quartz stones to speed up intimacy, love, and bonding. This particular shape of rose quartz also strengthens love. Place it beneath the mattress or bedside. You can also have a crystal bath to allow the positive and loving vibrations to reach you.
  • Setting the intentions in the crystal is of utmost significance. So you need to consciously intend to manifest the divine loving energy of this stone to your love life.

Crystals that Make you more Attractive

Crystals and gemstones can add to your beauty, complexion, and skin tone to make you more attractive. For centuries, healing crystals have been used to restore physical and mental health. The healing crystals for love that can also add to your attractiveness quotient are as follows:

Jade: This stone calms the skin and tightens it. It can iron out wrinkles and soothe any irritation on the skin.

Rose Quartz: This crystal ups your beauty and attractiveness. The most defining quality of this crystal is it powers the natural defense system in the body. This stone further deals with the bacteria in the skin and tackles the blemishes. It also fights to age and can inspire new cell generation. Since this stone contains oxygen, magnesium, and iron, it can reduce skin inflammation and do away with dead cells. Use this stone for glowing skin. 

Red Jasper: This stone works on the circulatory system and encourages proper blood flow. This enables better skin toning, restoring balance, removing dark spots, and dealing effectively with hyperpigmentation.

Clear Quartz: Works very well to reduce eye puffiness. It soothes the skin and removes inflammation and redness. This stone is a sure-shot skin purifier.

Amethyst: Boosts blood circulation and keeps the skin youthful.

Black Obsidian: Has immense detoxifying properties as it can eliminate toxins from the skin. It can also remove negativity.

Blue Sodalite: A gemstone that is good for the endocrine system. Sometimes an imbalance in the hormones causes eruptions on the skin or other issues with the skin. At such times blue sodalite helps restore the vital hormonal balance and purifies the skin.

Turquoise: It is good to relieve pain in the joints. It can clear a sore throat and alleviate respiratory problems. 

How to Manifest Marriage with a Specific Person

If you want to manifest love and marriage, you can vouch for Rose quartz which is brilliant for drawing unconditional love into your life. Rose Quartz is one of the splendid wedding crystals for manifesting marriage with a specific person. How this magnificent stone achieves is to thoroughly infuse the heart with positive emotions of empathy and kindness. Doing so also eliminates the love killers, which are anger, envy, and bitterness. The stone focuses on cleansing the heart chakra.

The other crystals for marriage that can also help manifest marriage with a specific person are Aventurine, Agate, Kunzite, and Garnet. 

Setting an intention or infusing the crystal with a purpose while using it during meditation is an effective way to achieve your desires when it comes to love and marriage. Focussing on the specific person you want to marry, placing the crystal on the heart chakra or wearing them as jewelry is an excellent way to manifest what you want the most.

How to manifest someone back into your life? You can set an intention to the chosen healing crystal to manifest someone back into your life.

Sex Crystals and How they can Stimulate Sexual Energy

We need to remind ourselves that, just like we need to constantly work at our profession to be successful, to attract love, marriage, intimacy, and bonding, it is a constant work in progress. We should work towards building the life we so desire. If you long for intimacy, sex, and love, these beautiful sex crystals can add flavor to your life. 

Sensual crystals enhance our vibrations, improve communication, eliminate blockages, boost confidence, and give us a fearless and free spirit to explore our dreams. Read below to know how sex crystals can kindle sexual energy and manifest someone back into your life.

Carnelian to empower you with sexual energy.

Amethyst for relieving anxiety and enjoying more love.

Selenite for elevating purity of heart and improving fertility.

Agate for enabling the confidence to speak your mind in the area of intimacy and relationships.

Pyrite for activating or stimulating the lower chakras.

Rose Quartz for ensuring you experience love and kindness in abundance.

Citrine for inviting fun, joy, and pleasure.

Clear Quartz to restore balance in the body.

Garnet for enjoying good sex life.

Tourmaline for inspiring action and removing inertness.

Smoky Quartz for a solution to low libido.

Tiger's eye for making you powerful and confident.

Moonstone for resolving issues with fertility.

Obsidian for kindling interest in self-exploration.

Black Tourmaline to realign your focus to you and your body.

Red Jasper to enable continuous fun.

You can also use these powerful healing crystals to manifest someone back into your life. 


If you focus on manifesting love, one of the most potent ways to realize it is to use healing crystals for true love. Remember, love also needs attention, concentration, commitment, and action. The crystal practice we have suggested will provide you with direction, energy, and time, to attract love into your heart and life. When we experience perfect harmony in life and balance in our hearts, we are enveloped with feelings of trust, fearlessness, and love. We feel positively charged with the light that fills us and the confidence that compassion will do better things than the world dreams of. Some of life's biggest challenges and troubles generally and in the realm of love and relationships are sorted when we completely open our heart chakra, which is what the crystals for love aim to do.

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