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Welcome to our Drop Shipping Program! 

We would like to give you some brief introduction about the company before you begin.

Dhruvcart.com is owned by Dhruvcart Limited which was registered in 2021 by Healing Crystals India Limited, a company that has been manufacturing crystals products since 1981.

Dhruvcart manufacturers authentic crystal products and bound to supply to business and trades or to anyone who are interested in bulk buying only. 

Our Healing Crystals India which took initiative for providing retail products directly to consumers at wholesale price. Healing Crystals India is committed to provide you with the authentic products that tops in the terms of quality and to ensure your trust and satisfaction. Official store of Healing Crystals India is www.healingcrystalsindia.com 

Direct Drop Ship 

We don't just want you as a customer - we need you! Drop shipping helps give consumers access points into our business so they can discover all that is available from us,

What does our Dropship Program offer?

  • Product Image
  • Priority order fulfillment.
  • Timely shipping.
  • Professional invoicing.

Our Dropship Program is a great way for e-commerce store owners who have websites that meet the criteria of our program to get started with Dropshipping. The guidelines are easy and straightforward, so we hope you'll take advantage!

Why join our Dropship Program?

  1. You can get our products at competitive pricing.
  2. You’ll always be our first priority. If there’s anything your personal sales representative will assist you with top priority. 

Drop Ship Guidelines

Drop Shipping is only available for sellers within the United kingdom, European Countries & United States Of America by our website www.dhruvcart.com. If you are not located in the UK or USA or waiting to grow yourself in Crystals stone business you are invited to look at our Wholesale products for bulk buying available in www.dhruvcart.com

  • We require Drop Shipper to have an established website with a target market similar to us.
  • The Dropshipper will feature Dhruvcart products on their site.
  • Process and submit order to www.dhruvcart.com
  • Dhruvcart will fulfil the order and ship directly to your customer.
  • Dropshipper will be responsible for invoicing to their customer. (Dhruvcart will not provide Invoice to dropshipper’s customer)
  • Dropshipper will receive an invoice with retail prices plus flat shipping (if any) less with their dropship discount.
  • Dropshipper customers must reside in the UK , European Countries & USA. We are not offering dropshipping to other countries at this time.
  • We do not accept exchange or refunded even products in saleable condition.

How does it work?

  • Your customer will place & pay the order on your website.
  • You place the same order with us at our website www.dhruvcart.com and keep the profits.
  • Dhruvcart ships the item to your customer without your customer knowing it is drop shipped.

Steps for placing Drop shipping order:

Step 1 Choose the items that you wish to order for your customer.

Step 2 Provide your customer shipping address to us.

Step 3 Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment for the dropship order, we will ship the goods to your customer. 

Image & Description

We request you to have your own product description but you can use our product description for reference. This will prevent your site from getting banned by search engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.) 

You can use our product Image for cut & paste.

We recommend you to keep an eye on Inventory. 

How to join a dropship program?

  1. Register Online at www.dhruvcart.com
  2. Wait for our approval.
  3. You are free to start your drop shipping business once it's approved. 

Drop shipping Restrictions apply

We do not support drop shippers to sell our products on Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Walmart.com or any other marketplaces.

Brand name Healing Crystals India and Dhruvcart name not to be used in pay per click advertisement. 

Drop shippers are not allowed to represent themself as Healing Crystals India or Dhruvcart on their website. But may allow to list Healing Crystals India as a manufacturer on their website.

Termination of Membership

All drop shippers get a great discount from us so we expect regular business between us. Drop Shippers who do not have any order in the last 35 days or since joining us, we will end the business relationship. Once your drop shipping membership terminated you are no longer allow to use texts, graphics, any images, audio, Logo, name and any content available on www.healingcrystalsindia.com and www.dhruvcart.com 

"By never compromising on our high quality standards, we have developed lasting friendships with many of our business partners. We sincerely thank them for their continued support!"

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