Video Call Shopping – Dhruvcart


Register on +91 9928290830 to enjoy our one-to-one video shopping. You'll be able to 
view all of our latest stock and any other items you wish too.

All video calls are made using WhatsApp, so you need to make sure you have the
app on the device you're calling from (don't forget to use WiFi).

Please be aware that our WhatsApp video shopping service does not fall under our standard mail order T&Cs.
This is a bespoke shopping service and orders made using this service are processed differently to orders placed online.

Next day dispatch is not guaranteed with WhatsApp video shopping and certain discounts and offers may not apply
due to the amount of time and resource this service takes up. If you have any questions or special requests regarding
delivery or stock, please speak to your video shopping assistant and we will try to accommodate your requests.