Terms & Conditions – Dhruvcart

Terms and Conditions of Sales


  • The client’s purchase of DHRUVCART products represents acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Any changes or modifications to these terms and conditions must be in writing and signed by authorized representatives of both parties.
  • No liability for typographical errors.
  • DHRUVCART has the right to change the product’s specification without prior notification.



  • Minimum order quantity must be as per mentioned each product category.
  • Minimum order quantity and value for customised product may apply as communicated by DHRUVCART


  • DHRUVCART may change its product specification at any time.
  • Information appearing in the catalogue such as colour, quantity or dimensions will be binding only when referenced in the order acknowledgement. 
  • Deviation due to manufacturing process, e.g. in qualities, colours, dimension, weight and product qualities are permissible.


  • We reserve our right to change the pricing at any time.
  • Prices are based on an “EXW” basis.
  • Prices quoted by DHRUVCART are valid for one week only.

Terms of Payment

  • Full payment in advance only, unless agreed in writing.
  • For customization order 70% payment shall be made in advance before processing the order and 30% before dispatch the shipment.
  • Increased at different payment terms offered than prepayment, DHRUVCART may demand a bank guarantee or other form of security acceptable to DHRUVCART.
  • Payment is effected when the amount invoiced is credited on the account indicated by DHRUVCART.
  • DHRUVCART reserves the right to change payment terms or to discontinue performance under any agreement with the client any time.


  • All deliveries are made according to international commercial terms EXW
  • DHRUVCART shall not be liable for any delay in performance hereunder due to unforeseen circumstances or due to causes beyond DHRUVCART control, including but not limited to force majeure, acts of government, military conflicts, and delay in transportation or customs formalities transport damages, energy shortages or labour disputes and delay in delivery or inability to deliver by DHRUVCART’s supplies.
  • Delivery depends on goods availability. 

Custom Duties & Taxes 

  • DHRUVCART is not responsible for VAT taxes or any taxes imposed by customs in order to receive your package in the destination country.
  • DHRUVCART is not able to notify you of any import cost during the checkout process as these vary from country to country.


  • In the absence of any special request the packaging is chosen by DHRUVCART.
  • DHRUVCART has the right to change the packaging without prior notification. 


DHRUVCART does not specifically endorse any of our products for their supposed esoteric “healing” qualities or values. We believe our products to be beautiful, natural objects and are happy to sell them on that basis alone. Please be aware that the views of our staff are not necessarily the same as those held by the management. Furthermore, DHRUVCART will not be held responsible for any claims made by our staff about the products.